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Beyond the Clouds - a yoga meditation for deep rest


Information overload overstimulates and disturbs the mind and leaves it alert and active even while we sleep. 24 hour TV, Internet access everywhere, mobile phones, movies and more there is simply too much for our minds to process. The outcome is that we are always experiencing stress in varying degrees as our mind never gets time to switch off, rest, and recover.

Because our nervous system is kept alert, it's attention is diverted from the essential work of maintenance and repair and we are left with a poor immune response to any toxins and infections we encounter. We fall prey to illness easier, and we have a harder time fighting bugs off and getting back on track.

More and more people are reporting feeling tired all he time or in need of a tonic when actually the tonic lies within us all in the form of total rest - deep restorative immersion and complete mental relaxation.

Product description:

Combining the spirit of yoga nidra with hypnotic relaxation this 12 minute recording is designed for those seeking relief from stress and tension.

Beyond the Clouds provides a true break from routine and rushing around and is guaranteed to help you switch off and invoke your own healing relaxation response. Perfect for fully resting your body and mind, some practitioners claim that a few minutes spent in yoga nidra is so restorative that it's equal to several hours sleep!

Accompanied by traditional meditative instruments: tamboura, sitar and santoor, ancient sounds to soothe modern day stress.


Beyond the clouds there is a place where all is calm and quiet. Above the winds and changing weather the sky is always clear and still.


Yoga nidra meditation takes your mind to a peaceful place beyond your mental clouds, beyond swirling thoughts and worries - a place of lucid consciousness where you are as relaxed as you can possibly be, yet still awake.

This experience is deeply healing for your mind and body and it feels wonderful - go there today and enjoy it for yourself with Beyond the Clouds.



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Running Time: 12 minutes | Price: $4.95

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Customer reviews: I have always struggled with truly relaxing during meditation – envious of those people who found meditation comes quite naturally to them - and often found it stressful trying to empty my mind!! Sometimes even feeling slightly panicky and worried that I could not switch off which defeats the object– however this download did the trick.

From the moment I began “Beyond The Clouds” all my reservations of not being able to shut my mind to outside thoughts just melted away and before I knew it I was engrossed in Ananga's voice giving subtle instructions and guidance. What I liked was that she explained clearly how long the exercise was going to last – 10 minutes – not too long not too short - and what you would achieve in the session – deep rest and relaxation with a clearer mind!! Spot on! The music was beautiful and very subtle indeed and really enhanced the whole experience - after a while, Ananga's voice then drifts back to bring you to a waking state of tranquillity – feeling so calm and refreshed!


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