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Trataka - Candle Gazing Meditation

Guided Yoga Meditation MP3

This relaxing guided yoga meditation introduces the ancient practice of trataka or concentrated gazing. The simplest introduction to tratak is gazing at the flame of a candle, and this meditation takes you step by step through a guided session that will help you relax and focus your gaze while enjoying the benefits of stilling and calming your mind.



This guided meditation offers a very effective way of withdrawing from external stress and distractions and allowing the brain to enter a relaxed and highly beneficial alpha state.


Customer review: This is something I have tried many times but not quite felt I got it right. Ananga's simple instructions and calming voice allowed me to enter a restful trance like state – so relaxed !


This meditation package contains 2 MP3s:

MP3 1 - Guided Candle Gazing Meditation
with spoken instructions & soothing background music

MP3 2 - Trataka Music
soothing background music for meditating, or simply relaxing

Download now and enjoy the benefits of a calm and focused mind...




High Quality Guided Meditation MP3 Download
- Price: $3.95 - x2 MP3s - Duration: 6 minutes each

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