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a little blog about the making of our downloadable meditations and music for relaxation & meditation






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Yoga Meditation Music in progress

Following the release of my new meditation soundscapes, I'm back in the studio working on some minimal ambient yoga meditation music. The first piece is being checked for mastering as I type, it's a simple collection of tibetan singing bowls and soft copper wind chimes. I'm particularly happy with the sound of the chimes, they make me feel like packing up work for the day and sitting under a tree with a book.


Photo by shotyoudown


Yoga Meditation Music - new recordings


I was recently asked to make some yoga and meditation music, the request was for something unobtrusive and about 15 minutes long, so that each piece could last the duration of one medium session. I thought about it for a while and decided that I would focus on recording soundscapes similar to those I put together for HypnoDreams though these are even more minimal and leaning towards a Brian Eno inspired sound. 

So far, I've released three new titles, but I had so much fun making them that I will be making more.


Forest Temple was the first completed recording and I think it may be my favourite you can read more & listen to sample here >


Foreest Temple - yoga meditation music



Our NEW Self-Help Audio Shop is now open!



The new Inner Calm audio store went live yesterday and so far the  Alpha Brain Audio downloads are the best sellers with our Guided Meditations a close second. We have some exciting new additions planned, including an audio series on Beating Emotional Eating - details will be announced in our newsletter.