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Music for Stress Management

Guest Article by Tracey Burchard

There are so many kinds of music - country western, classical, eastern, rap, pop, hip hop, rock and roll, soul...what kind of music are you listening to, and how is it affecting your level of stress?

Music moves us - listening to a sad song can make us feel melancholy, soft jazz piano can calm and soothe us, and rock can make us feel strong, excited, even free. Music has been proven to speed healing, is used in malls to put us in the mood to buy, in churches for inspiration and much more. So can you use music to influence your mood and lower your stress in your daily life? Absolutely.

First, consider your general mood. Are you normally stressed, happy, positive, sad, angry, fearful, even shy? Are there consistent times in your life that you would like to change your mood - maybe the drive home from work, or getting up in the morning, or maybe you stress at night, laying in bed, tossing and turning?

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The Morning - Free Relaxation Music MP3

The Morning from The Journey Home - Music for Meditation & Relaxation.

From the publisher: The Journey Home meditation music compositions create a deep and profound experience of peace and calm; yet they are light and most inviting for your own mind and thoughts to take flight and give our stressed out systems a time of alignment, sanctuary and protection, where we might recover and re-charge in a most profound and noticeable way.

mp3-play-button.jpgThe Morning - FREE Relaxation Music MP3

The Morning is downloaded by over 250 people a month and is used by the HypnoClinic for their HypnoBirthing program.

If you have enjoyed this piece you will love the new Morning Meditation Music featured on the  Beautiful Calm Meditation & Relaxation MP3s set