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Meditation is for Everyone

The word meditation carries with it a lot of pre-conceptions: it must be eastern, New Age, involve yoga postures, and be generally other-wordly. Yet, meditation is not really mysterious or complicated at all; it's natural for every individual to experience times of deep reflection and relaxation.

Most people who consider meditation today, do so because they are seeking some relief from stress and anxiety. They are looking for relaxation more than the goals offered by a steady, or devotional, meditation practice. Yet there is nothing more peaceful than true spiritual meditation, such as the meditative recital of the the Jesus prayer, or the maha mantra.

Meditation does not mean eastern, nor does it have to be tied to any one specific faith. Meditation can be as simple and as non-secular as counting your breaths, or as spiritual as chanting the names of God with prayerful devotion.

Whatever your faith, you can enjoy the benefits of devotional meditation by selecting a verse, psalm, or phrase and dedicating yourself to reflecting on it silently, or by gentle repetition for a few minutes each morning and evening.

Some practitioners find a simple breathing exercise calms their mind before they enter into a deeper meditation of their choice. For other, who wish to meditate purely for some peace and relaxation that breathing exercise is enough.

To run on uncomfortable automatic pilot is a hazard to your health, a waste of your intelligence and creativity and a distraction to your potential contribution as a human being.

Why not invest just ten minutes a day in the simple art of reflection that will help you feel at your best, and also help you give your best?


Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Article by Ananga Sivyer

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