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Discover How to Dissolve Stress & Anxiety with these


Simple Meditation Secrets


Press Review: "It’s easy to think we have taken five minutes out to relax when we haven’t really done so. This is where Beautiful Calm triumphs...


I have listened to numerous relaxation tapes/CDs and usually find them irritating! And there's only so much of listening to ocean waves a person can take. With Ananga Sivyer's Beautiful Calm I loved the music and her voice didn't grate on the ear - nor was she patronising.

I'd recommend loading Beautiful Calm onto your iPod or MP3 player and taking time out during the day - you can do most of the exercises anywhere so it's ideal for on the journey home on public transport!"

Anne Coates -Parenting without Tears - read full review here



Are You Ready to Feel Real Inner Peace?

- discover how to stop stress before it stops you

- learn how to breathe away anxiety and feel calm whenever you want to

enjoy all the mental and physical benefits of meditation starting today


Start feeling calm and in control today as you discover how to truly relax with Beautiful Calm.

With these short and sweet guided meditation sessions there’s no need to read books, or travel to classes to experience the benefits of meditation in your life. Simply sit back and listen on your PC, or iPod, and let relaxation happen for you as we guide you step-by-step into a state of pure peacefulness.

And as each carefully created relaxation session is just 5-10 minutes long, you can now enjoy the benefits of meditation no matter how busy you are.

Start feeling the presence of meditation in your life today - reduce your stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, improve your immunity, and feel the personal sense of calm confidence that everyone who meditates enjoys.


Let Beautiful Calm help you reduce worry, stress & tension: 

- learn how to use your breath to stop mounting anxiety and feel calm in under 5 minutes
- discover how to relieve anxiety with the ancient practice of 5 finger qigong
- embrace the calming power of “the relaxing breath”
- restore your energy levels with the healing energy exercise

- experience meditation like a master with the guided mindfulness meditation




“I started counselling about 3 months ago for depression & anxiety. My counsellor suggested your guided meditations for help.

I can't begin to thank you enough for the help you've provided me! I feel more in control of my life, after years of flying off the handle when things got a little bit stressed. My family has noticed a big change in me. I also have a terrible back problem, and your meditations have relaxed me to the point where my pain is much more manageable because my body is less stressed.” Nancy - NYC




Beautiful Calm: 8 Highly Effective Paths to Inner Peace



New Beginnings in Breathing

Experience the anxiety beating powers of mastering your breath, this meditation alone can help you reduce stress and control anxiety, once you have practiced along with the mp3 a few times you will be able to use this simple technique to feel calm anywhere and anytime you choose.

meditation length: 7 minutes

listen to a sample:


Beginners Meditation

One of the most reported problems with meditation is that people don't know how to start. With the Beginners Meditation we've solved that problem for you. Simply listen and follow along and you can start enjoying the benefits of meditation within minutes...

meditation length: 9 minutes

listen to a sample:


Five Finger Qigong

Feel deeply relaxed in five minutes with this ancient seated qigong technique for invoking calm. Often used in support groups for reducing anxiety and addictive cravings this is one of my all time favourite meditations.

meditation length: 5 minutes 45 seconds

listen to a sample:


Body Gratitude Meditation

A guided reflection on the miracle that is your body. Ground yourself and reconnect in this healing journey designed to help you relax and let tension melt away...

meditation length: 7 minutes 15 seconds

listen to a sample:


Healing Energy Meditation

A lovely self-healing session for dissolving stress and energising yourself. Like 5 Finger QiGong, this meditation is also based on the ancient practices of energy healing. It's an active meditation which makes it perfect for reducing anxiety as your body flows through the gentle healing sequence of movements designed to calm your mind while keeping it busy with relaxing and energising your body.

meditation length: 7 minutes 30 seconds

listen to a sample:


Counting Breaths

A simple breathing session to help you relax and control anxiety. Once you get the hang of this (and you will after just two or three listenings) you can use it anywhere to increase your sense of personal safety and calm.

meditation length: 5 minutes 45 seconds

listen to a sample:


Mindfulness Meditation

Discover the sense of relief that being in the moment brings. Stop stress in it's tracks and meditate like a master with this gentle & simple exercise in present moment awareness. This short and simple meditation will help you find yourself and reconnect with what matters in your life.

meditation length: 3 minutes

listen to a sample:



The Relaxing Breath

Discover how to feel relaxed anywhere and anytime you choose. You can use the Relaxing Breath to blow stress away, to unwind before sleep or to face any challenge with a calm and steady mind.

meditation length: 5 minutes

listen to a sample:




8 unique pieces of music composed for relaxation or meditation


The background music of Beautiful Calm features the traditional meditative sounds of bamboo flutes, Tibetan bowls, gongs, harps and more - each piece specially composed to suit the mood of your meditation session.

These eight bonus downloads are designed to invoke a mood of peaceful contemplation for listening while reading, resting, or practicing your own favourite meditation technique from the Beautiful Calm collection at your own pace.

Shakuhachi Sunrise - let the healing sounds of the shakuhachi meditation flute blow your worries away

New Beginnings - the gentle music from the New Beginnings in Breathing guided meditation

Mountain Qi - birds, breeze and bamboo. Relax with traditional Asian meditation instruments and bird song

Peaceful Breath - flutesong for calm and peaceful reflection

Music for Mindfulness - all things Zen! The evocative erhu, bamboo dizi flute, and Tibetan peace bowls combine in this evocative relaxation and meditation music

Healing Energy Music - cloud chords, shakuhachi flute and gentle rhythms - music for rest and relaxation

The Chariot - a reflection on the tides and rhythms of the human body

Morning Meditation Music - a gentle contemplation of the dawning of a new day with harp, and Celtic strings


"I've been wanting to learn to meditate for years, but I just didn't know where to begin. Now I just put my headphones on and practice anytime I feel like it." Dawn Robinson - London, UK

"Thank you for these beautiful meditations. I love the music, and I love escaping for a few minutes here and there during my otherwise hectic day." Jeremy H - Montreal, Canada




Not everyone can sit for an hour at dawn. With Beautiful Calm 10 minutes a day is all you need to bring a sense of calm into your life.

Enjoy precious "me time" with the meditation system you can take with you anywhere...






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Acclaim for Beautiful Calm from other artists:

Love the music Ananga, just what I need, real peace!
Kiron J - producer London

Ananga thank you so very much for introducing you and you beautiful music to me, what a wonderful gift to receive!
Phire - Ananga Music MySpace Friend

"It is rare that I am moved by music as much as your beautiful harmonics move me. All of your tracks are amazingly powerful. Please stay in touch"
Unity Factor - musician & producer

m_5472055fc7241917dce221c12d931d0d.jpg"Haunting meditative music. I will use it in my yoga practice for relaxation :) Beautiful."
Yours, Maya
Maya Beiser - Cello Viruoso

The Beautiful Calm Complete Meditation Experience

8 guided meditations



PLUS 8 bonus tracks of music for relaxation & meditation


16 tracks of pure relaxation available instantly



I wanted to share with you again how wonderful Beautiful Calm is...the Morning Meditation is becoming my background music as I dress and prepare for my day. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world! Barbara Faison 



Yes! I want to reduce stress and honour my right to relaxation, take me to where I can download my beautiful calm meditation & relaxation MP3s now...

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