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Stepping Away from Stress

Stress ruins your intelligence, it ruins your relationships and it ruins your capacity to be an empathetic and reflective human being.

Taking time out to relax, meditate, listen to classical music, go for a walk, observe nature etc etc gives your mind a chance to go deeper. To reflect on your inner life, your aspirations, and your values rather than it skimming around on the surface tension of your life like a demented pond skater!

Here in the UK, we're heading towards National Downshifting Week, a week where we’re encouraged to shift into a lower gear. It’s a great idea. But one week a year only represents 2% of our existence. I’m looking for more.

I’ve seen the havoc stress wreaks in lives and relationships and I’m becoming more and more insistent on a stress free zone. I’m walking away from it. Avoiding relationships that induce it. And keeping clear of people who spill stress wherever they go. And I’m starting to feel good. I’ve been working on my life audit for some time now and I’m liking it.

Why should we waste our lives slipping over in the oil slick of other people’s stress? We all have choices and opportunities, to learn, to grow, to improve. I’m seeking out the thoughtful folk. And I’m appreciating them more and more...

Free to Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Life
Things I’ve enjoyed immensely this week. Feeding wild birds and watching them fly in for the seeds nuts I put out for them. Watching our rescued rabbits hop around happily. Listening to my daughter and her friends singing at an Easter service. Laughing with my friends. Planting herbs. Cooking for my family. Meditating. Practising Qigong. Writing.

All simple pleasures that can be killed stone dead by stress. If we’re running out the door to buy shoes, or grabbing for a snack, cigarette, or drink at the first inkling of stress, it means we’ve lost sight of the little treasures in life that allow us to perceive the preciousness of our existence.

Join me and start downshifting today, right here, right now and get in touch with your good side.



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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Ananga,

Just wanted to drop you a shortie to say thanks for raising awareness of National Downshifting Week and I loved all the other suggestions in your posting.

NDW's non-profits (and very grateful for any airtime) and exists to help those who want to find their slow, green groove and improve all their relationships - especially the one with onself!

I take your point about the 2% thing and I guess if any of your readers are already well into their own 'slow down and green up', maybe they could look at some of the deeper messages in NDW to find inspiration on a different level.

For example, volunteering in the community is a great one and so much can come from it when you open your thoughts. Anything from being a Freecycle or Green Drinks organiser, to creating a butterfly garden in the local kids hospice, or setting up a community compost bin - the list is positively endless and the benefits to the community and the soul are the same.

Once again, thanks for giving NDW an airing and all the best with your endeavours.


TS x

Apr 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterTracey Smith
Hi Tracey,

Thanks for dropping by. It's my pleasure to give NDW a mention - I sincerely believe that if we all focused more on improving ourselves, our commitment to our environment and spending some time helping others we would be happier and more pleasant people!

NDW is a fantastic resource for raising people's awareness and encouraging them to do something life enhancing and worthwhile with their time.

Thanks for your excellent work.

with my best wishes to you

Readers - if you haven't done so already - why not hop over to the National Downshifting Week website at: http://www.DownshiftingWeek.com
Apr 7, 2007 | Registered CommenterAnanga

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