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How Planning on Paper can Work Wonders for Your Productivity

Apparently, only 3% of adults bother to write down their goals. This minority who plan on paper are likely to achieve more than the less focused majority. According to productivity guru Brian Tracey, planning is key in getting things done and gives you the edge over others who may be of “equal, or better, intelligence and ability”.

Here’s a quick start guide for becoming a planner and doer…

Productivity Boost Tip
- Decide what you want and write it down
- Give it a deadline and note it on your calendar (now it’s “a date” and that makes it real)
- Set a timer for 5 minutes and brainstorm on a piece of scrap paper what you can do to make that goal happen
- Go through your list and pick a good place to start - and do it! Start now…
- Finally, resolve to do something every day towards that goal.

Morning Motivation in 3 Simple Steps
1. Write your goals in the present tense every morning - as if they were already happening now.

2. Close your eyes and reflect on your goal, dream or desire in your mind as if it was happening in your life right here, and right now. Einstein said that imagination was more important than knowledge, so dare to dream vividly and really get into the experience. Make it feel real, and make it feel good…

3. Now, roll up your proverbial sleeves and get stuck in, pick somewhere to start and do it.

Congratulations! You’re on your way to manifesting a goal - and you’re one of that special 3% who dare to plan and make a start. 


image by angelsk

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