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Sliding into Spring

Spring is a significant time in the energy cycle. According to Chinese Medicine it is to the body what it is to the planet: a time of new growth and massive activity as the dormant nature of winter gives way to the impetus for renewal.

But, inspiring though it is to see blossom on the trees and bulbs push up their flows, spring can be a testing time...

The organs and meridians associated with spring are the liver and gall bladder. These are the meridians that govern our energy for getting things done. They promote drive, ambition, decisiveness, accomplishment etc. They are an energetic team that love starting new projects, generating ideas, and getting creative but... they are a testy due and get frustrated, if not furious, if those ideas don't get going.

The liver is the main culprit for feelings of intense frustration around spring time. It can get us irritable and shouting in seconds. We may feel calm on the surface and at our productive and creative best even, when all of a sudden the liver energy has us shouting and throwing our hands in the air in complete and utter frustration!

One of the causes of this frustration is the liver increasing internal heat in the body and pushing it to the surface. The weather starts to warm up now, and so do we, but we need to make the transition smoothly in order to feel calm and in control.

The liver is the body's blood purifier and can struggle at this time of it's peak energetic state if it is dealing with a heavy load. Now is a good time then, to give it a break.


image by Tambako the Jaguar


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