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The Unrefined Life

No sooner have refined carbohydrates passed our lips, than the body gets to work on them and our bloodstream gets a shot of glucose. If you want to smooth out the highs and lows in your blood usgar, nutritionists recommend going for the slow burners such as brown rice and pasta, wholegrain and rye breads. Unrefined foods release energy slowly and steadily into the body, allowing it to be consumed gradually and put to good use by your body and brain alike.

Quick fix sugars like refined foods and sweets can play havoc with our mental and physical functioning, when the energy rush they provide is followed by a sudden slump and the desire for the next "hit". Dizziness, headaches, low energy and insomnia have all been linked to sugar lows.

Here's a checklist of some slow burning, steady energy release alternatives:

- fresh vegetables
- millet
- rye
- whole grain breads
- brown rice
- brown pasta
- pulses
- beans
- corn

Supply & demand
Unlike other organs, the brain doesn't sotre energy. It's two primary fuels, oxygen and glucose have to be in constant supply. Good quality fuel, available on demand, is essential if we want to get the best from our grey matter, choosing unrefined carbohydrates ensures a steady and readily available supply.

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