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We are meant for so much more than to merely exist, to worry over bills, to feel stressed and exhausted. We have the rare gift of a human life, the chance to explore our core potential, to learn, to live with purpose, and to cultivate our spiritual nature.


Living by Design is my way of reaching out to anyone seeking more from life than busyness and mundane routine. If you're into personal development and looking for natural ways to improve your health and calm your mind, this blog is for you.


something about me

I'm married to a big kind man and together we share the company of a hilarious and creative daughter. I live in Kent, UK about 25 miles from London, close enough to visit, far enough to live in countryside surrounded by fields and trees.

Twenty years ago I made the decision to leave my job in central London and move on to a lifestyle that offered me the chance for deep contemplation and personal growth. Looking back over those years of learning and experimenting with techniques for reducing stress and increasing my sense of personal peace. For a while, I made hard work of things - I just didn't get how easy it is to slow down and calm down. But now I do! And this blog is where I'm happily sharing the tips and techniques that have helped me learn to deeply relax and find a calm place inside of me to where I can retreat whenever and wherever I choose.

Over recent years I've studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, taught Meridian Energy Therapies including Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques and waded into the wealth of knowledge that is Ayurveda.

I'm passionate about helping people overcome stress and anxiety and create a life with room for contemplation and personal growth.

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Ananga Sivyer



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Truly an inspiring site! I find myself coming to Living By Design whenever I am feeling down on myself and looking for a little dose of wisdom.  Your advice was not only easy to do, but made a significant difference. 

In some very significant way, my session with Ananga was what I just needed at this point in my life. It was thought provoking and  immensely insightful. I am motivated to do a lot of inner work after this and feel a whole lot better about myself! 


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